Apple Growing Education & Bare Root Trees

Apple Education


March & April

Call 218-670-0561 to Register.

  • Beginning Apple Growing

    Topics to Include: Rootstock Selection, Tree Selection, Planting, Flowering, Nutrition, Tree Care, Insects, Pruning and Training, Time permitting hands on pruning in the Orchard.
  • Advanced Apple Growing

    Topics to Include: Pruning lecture and hands on in the Orchard, how and when to train your tree, Pollination, Managing your pests and fungal conditions, Understanding your soil.
  • Bare Root Apple Trees
  • Bare Root Shade Trees
  • Bare Root Blueberry Bushes
  • Bare Root Grape Vines
  • Bare Root Shade Trees
  • Bare Root Raspberry Bushes
  • Bare Root Shrubs
  • Bare Root Blackberry

If it's bare root, we sell it. (While inventory lasts).

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