Fruit trees

We sell all kinds of bare root fruit and shade trees. Call and we can find what you need 218-670-0561.

Name Type Root stock Caliper / Size
Fireside Apple M-7 11/16"
North Blue Blue Berries Unlisted Unlisted
Regent Juneberry Other Berries Unlisted 2'
Red Praire Spy Apple M-7 11/16"
North Country Blue Berries Unlisted Unlisted
Duches of Oldenburg Apple Support 4 4' whip
North Sky Blue Berries Unlisted Unlisted
Wealthy Apple Apple S-M7 9/16"
Polaris Blue Berries Unlisted Unlisted
Zestar!® Apple Apple S-M7 3/8"
Chippewa Blue Berries Unlisted Unlisted
Freedom Apple S-M7 11/16"
St.Cloud Blue Berries Unlisted Unlisted
Chestnut Crab Apple S-M7 9/16"
Evan Bali std. Cherry Unlisted Unlisted
Haralson Apple Apple S-M7 S-M7 9/16 1/16"
Parker Pear Pears Unlisted 5 gallon
Mesabi Cherry Standard 11/16"
Honeycrisp Apple Apple S-M7 B-118 5/8" 5/8"
Summer Crisp Pears Unlisted 5' Whip
Meteor Cherry Standard 11/16"
Sweet Sixteen Apple S-M7 B9 11/16 CVI
Ure Pears Unlisted 5 gallon
Adams Elderberry Unlisted 3'
Haralred Apple Apple S-M7 9/16"
Golden Spice Pears Unlisted 5 gallon
York Elderberry Unlisted 3'
Snow Sweet Apple M26 Bud 118 1/2" 1/2"
Pipestone Plum Unlisted 5 gallon
Nanking Cherry Other Berries Unlisted 3' whip
Honey Gold Apple M-7 5/8"
Toka Plum Unlisted 5 gallon
Wentworth High Bush Cranberry Other Berries Unlisted 12"
Waneta Plum Plum Standard 9/16"
American Plum Other Berries Unlisted 3'
Frostbite Apple Standard 4' whip
Pioneer Chinese Apricot Unlisted Unlisted
Pin Cherry Other Berries Unlisted 2'
Keepsake Apple Support 4 4' whip
Scout Apricot Apricot Unlisted Unlisted
Choke Cherry Other Berries Unlisted 2'
SweeTango Apple Apple N/A N/A
Whitney crabapple Apple m26 3/4"
Connell Red Apple M-7 11/16